Curvas (Rumba)

It’s a lot of fun for classical players to dabble in the field of flamenco. This Rumba leaves behind the melancholic beautiful tunes of the classical guitar world and enters into a high spirited Spain.

It’s written in 4/4 but the quavers are often grouped into 3,3,2. There’s a repeated switch between the rhythmic 3,3,2 quaver sections and the more evenly played single note melodic line bars; this combined with the energetic tempo, contributes to the edgy and upbeat effect.

“Curves” (Rumba) is from a book published by Oxford University Press called “Guitar Styles!” Flamenco, edited by Michael Stimpson. Pieces were prepared by Paco Pena and transcribed by Hans van Goch. “Curves” is an intermediate level piece especially when performed slightly slower!