Here you will find sound clips from a range of my performances.

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From my CD: The Legend of Hagoromo

Listen: The Legend Of Hagoromo, Keigo Fujii. (Short Extract)

Serene and graceful extract from a few minutes into the Legend of Hagoromo. The Legend is a 20 minute Japanese work which begins with atmospheric harmonics depicting the quiet, still air around a lake where 7 heavenly maidens bathe…The excerpt follows on from this.

Listen: Finale of, The Legend Of Hagoromo by Keigo Fujii 

Fast, furious finale of the 20 minute work by Keigo Fujii. Fiendish to play, it truly is only one guitar being played! The piece is loosely based on an old Japanese mode and the finale culminates in taking the Japanese legend almost into contemporary rock … rhythmic, dynamic, certainly not what one usually associates with classical guitar… 

Listen: Barrios La Catedral Preludio Saudade

Beautiful, reflective first movement of La Catedral by Barrios. The trick is to make this rather awkward piece, centering around the high positions of the fretboard, sound simple and easy to play!

Listen: Barrios La Catedral Allegro Solemne

Barrios La Catedral Allegro Solemne Elegant, fast paced third movement of the Barrios La Catedral.

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From my CD: Organised/Chaos

Organised/Chaos is an exciting new release by Stuart Ansell and Fiona Harrison.

All arrangements by Ansell/Harrison

Listen: Sunday Morning Overcast

The collaboration of nylon strung and electric guitar. Relaxing, chilled. The original is a piece by Andrew York. Performed by Fiona Harrison, nylon strings and Stuart Ansell, electric, steel strings. Sunday Morning Overcast is from their new album, Organised Chaos.

Listen: Andecy

Fusion of nylon strung and electric guitar. Laid back groove. Original piece by American Grammy Award winner, Andrew York. Arrangement here by Fiona Harrison and Stuart Ansell. Taken from their new album, Organised Chaos.

Stuart: Electric, steel strung acoustic and synth guitars 

Fiona: Nylon strung guitars 

A fusion of two supremely experienced artists. Cutting edge, experimental and hugely varied styles. 

Organised/Chaos leads from the Celtic ambient with underlaid synth guitar, through to the easy groove of more well-known Andrew York pieces.

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Some of my favourite pieces

Torre Bermeja (Red Tower) by Albeniz

Fiery Spanish piece, “Torre Bermeja” (Red Tower) by Albeniz, originally written for piano

Tango en Skai by Roland Dyens

Great piece by Roland Dyens, “Tango en Skai” performed by Fiona Harrison

Fantasie by SL Weiss

Beautiful Baroque piece by SL Weiss, “Fantasie”

Guardame las Vacas by Narvaez

Graceful renaissance vihuela piece by Narvaez, “Guardame las Vacas” 

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