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The Legend of Hagoromo


Beautifully recorded, this CD features music by American, Australian, French, Japanese, Paraguayan and Venezuelan composers. It includes a World premiere recording of Charlton’s The Black Cockatoo Flying Alone and two UK premiere recordings: Bilacus Suite by Erik Marchelie and The Legend of Hagoromo by Keigo Fujii.
A calm, reflective opening of Music for Bill and Me flows into the more seductive Oblivion by Piazzolla, the pace picks up for the Pujol El Abejorro and the more traditional, well-loved favourite by Barrios, La Catedral, follows



Sounds of the Australian rainforest give way to the bustling back streets of Italy, in Bilacus, Venezuelan waltzes by Lauro conjure up sunny climes, and The Black Cockatoo Flying Alone by Richard Charlton exudes a lyric warmth.

The Legend of Hagoromo is a substantial addition to the classical guitar repertoire, using guitar techniques in an innovative way, with its evocative mood appealing to guitarists and non-guitarists alike.

Fiona performs on a Christopher Dean guitar in this recording.

Music for Bill and Me Lou Harrison
Oblivion Piazzolla
El Abejorro Emilio Pujol
La Catedral Agustín Barrios Mangoré
i Preludio Saudade
ii Andante Religioso
iii Allegro Solemne
A Short Walk in a Rainforest Richard Charlton
Bilacus Eric Marchelie
i Prelude: Dans les rues (In the Streets)
ii Chanson: Au Bord du lac (At the side of the Lake)
iii Milonga: Al Giardinetto (Into the little Garden)
Angostura (Valse Venezolano)
El Marabino (Valse Venezolano) Antonio Lauro
The Black Cockatoo Flying Alone Richard Charlton
The Legend Hagoromo Keigo Fujii

Running time: 59:00

Listen to an excerpt from The Legend of Hagoromo

“This performance of The Legend of Hagoromo is marvellous”

Keigo Fujii

“Imbued with a wonderful sense of fantasy”

Richard Charlton

“Le jeu de Fiona est superbe”

Erik Marchelie