Review: Dorking Guitar Workshop 10th March

We had a wonderful day!

The under 18s started at 9am, quickly proving that their ensemble skills have developed hugely since the first time they met. They read so well, listened to each other, played with dynamics and accuracy – it was a joy to hear!

The adults analysed the chord structure of Pachelbel’s Canon ┬áplus various other country/ pop songs by John Denver, Oasis, Greenday, Elvis… We all listened to and sang various bass lines, discussed the changing qualities of the chords and generally thought much more deeply about chord analysis than usual.

The quartet playing was enjoyed by all, much fun, hilarity and good music-making… but for me, the solos this time around, were the highlight. Absolutely fabulous playing. A gorgeous sweet tone and expressive playing of Capricho Catalan by Albeniz, great effective tone colours in David Cottam’s Gardens in the Rain, and edgy, jaunty and well-controlled study by Gerald Garcia, a beautiful rendition of Cavatina, a brave performance of some Carulli, an amazing sound and characterful account of Vincent Lindsey Clark’s Tango, a calming Berceuse by Nutall and velvet thirds in a Prelude by Molino, plus some great poise and phrasing in a Brouwer Simple Etude. Really top-notch performances! Great work!