Concerts In Holland

My trip to Holland and the festive pre-Christmas concerts were a whirlwind of activity. Rehearsals with Marion Schaap and Peter Constant (Z.O.O. Duo) and their two orchestras, “Guitarrissimo” and “Ponticello” barely left time to eat or sleep! (However, I did find time to devour very delicious and freshly made stroop […]

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Give your guitar a little TLC this winter

When the air gets really dry and the humidity drops, the wood of our beautifully made guitars can dry out. When this happens, the wood contracts, and in some cases, it may leave the metal frets protruding a little over the edge of the fretboard or even worse, the table […]

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Learning to Learn. Fretboard to Flute

Learning to Learn From Fretboard to Flute Some of you will know that I took on the challenge of taking a grade one ABRSM flute exam this Spring. Not having played the flute before, I thought it would be hard, but not so incredibly difficult!   The whole process of […]

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